All about Go Walk

Hello, I'm Tracy, a wife, a mother, awesome dog befriend-er, canoeing and hiking enthusiast. I have creativity, knowledge and practical experience of how to engage, woo and delight your pet. I have a keen interest in animal training and handling, working with clicker and reward based positive reinforcement. I have used this to teach various canines throughout the years and also small birds, whom I taught recall flying and object identification. With my current dog (18 month old American Akita) I am teaching her some 'mirroring' methods, it provides excellent mental stimulation as well as bond building.

I am very good at picking up on animals body language, this is important as it can give vital clues to health and mental states. I have also worked as a veterinary nurse for JJ M’c Kee in Glasgow. I have gained skills over the years in handling various species from snakes and lizards, birds, small furries to large dogs. I have also proven to be capable of working with all types of people, and enjoy tackling all sorts of challenges.

Something else

I have grown up with dogs, they are part of the family, we only have them in our lives for a short time that is to be treasured. Last year we lost our darling bullmastiff Kadie to lymphoma.She was a huge character, we rescued her at 4 yrs old and she survived a pyometra, and breast cancer before the lymphoma sadly was too much and we had to make a difficult choice to let her go. I decided life is too short, I needed to escape from the traditional, nine to five day job to find peace, joy and fitness by starting my own dog walking and training business.

Peace of Mind

I have passed a Puppies and Dogs First Aid course with a Higher Distinction CPD level three. I hope never to have to use it, but in case of emergencies then I am prepared. I hold a Disclosure Scotland, Enhanced Disclosure Certificate to show I have been police checked and have no criminal convictions. I also hold a diploma in Canine Communication, have completed Edinburgh University and the Royal Dick Vet School course in Animal Communication and Welfare. Dr Ian Dunbar Sirius Dog Training four day seminar and puppy class training. I am continually learning new ways of making effective and force free training that use both positive and science based techniques.

So in conclusion ...


As a pet carer, I really enjoy working with clients and find all about their pet pals and their needs.  My role in this nature almost always involves creating a complete custom package for your needs– time schedule, preference walks, personality traits as well as help training any behavioural issues. If you would like to say hi, or work on something great with me, drop me a line anytime!

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is a positive alternative to boarding your small pets and gives you peace of mind, knowing that someone responsible is caring for your pets and home. When you first contact us, we will arrange a consultation meeting at your home.  This is so you can get to know us and our services and we can meet you and your family.  It is important that your pets like us too!  We can complete the information form to help us understand your pet’s needs.  We’ll also get pertinent information such as vet info, emergency phone numbers and how you’d like things done.

Training Articles

The links below lead to the training pages. these pages are designed to help you train your dog based on positive reinforcement and clicker training