Go Walk St Andrews

Lade Braes

Lade Braes is a lovely tree lined walk that can be completed as a 2km round trip from the center of town or as part of a larger walk taking in Lumbo Den, Craigtoun Den and Craigtoun Park.

Craigtoun Park

Craigtoun Park is a beautiful well maintained park to the West of St Andrews. It benefits from free parking, public toilets open 24/7, fresh drinking water for dogs and poo bags are available if you are caught short.

West Sands

The West Sands beach is the largest in St Andrews. Famous for being featured in the opening scenes of 'Chariots of Fire' it's around 2-3 miles of lovely golden sand backed by dunes.

East Sands

The East Sands in St Andrews is one of three beaches in the area. This is a small but dog friendly beach year round. Please note though that during the summer months the west side of the sailing club slipway is a dog free zone during certain times of day.

Coastal Path

NI started our walk at the leisure center and headed toward Boarhills. The path is a mix of gravel, dirt track, stone steps and steep climbs. Fairly dog friendly at parts, however there are steep cliff with nesting seabirds and rabbits galore.

Spinkie Den

Another beautiful forest walk along side a burn. Steep and narrow in places the den rises quite sharply so careful planning of where you are stepping is necessary. Good sturdy boots are the key to your sucess on this walk.

The Blog

Clicker Training

Clicker Training is all about shaping your dog's behaviour. The purpose of the click is you can use it for a more accurate timed 'snapshot'. Imagine the click as a camera shutter, what you want to do is click the second your dog performs the desired behaviour. It's just a quicker way of saying 'good boy' or 'well done' the dog quickly learn to recognise that the click means they have done the right thing and to try something different if the click is not forthcoming.

Dangerous foods

Raisins are killers, if you read the internet. We recently had a big scare, Keiko our American Akita got hold of my daughters raisin packs we had left out to take to scouts. First thing I did was declare it a medical emergency and called the vets. A panicky phone call explaiining from me followed by a promise of a return call from a veterinary professional. Meanwhile I googled-big mistake. "as little as one raisin can cause renal failure" some website where more specific giving a 'toxicity dose calculator' .......