Live Tracking

Live tracking provides you with reassurance that your dog is getting the exercise it needs

Fully Insured

Peace of mind knowing your pets and valuables are in good hands


Afforable bespoke pet care in the St Andrews area tailored to your pet's needs


One to One walks

My standard dog-walking visit is an hour and tailored to your pup’s routine. Taking care of everything – walking, running, playing, feeding, cleaning up and even belly rubbing at no extra charge. Perfect for dogs who like to be the center of attention.

Group Walks

Is your dog social and loves the company of other canines? If so a group walk may be perfect for their needs. Group walks have 3-5 dogs who get on well together. A group stroll along the beach or forest could be the perfect afternoon treat

Training walks

Training walks are solo walks but with the benefit of added training during the exercise session. They can be used to curb bad habits such as jumping up, pulling on the lead or barking at other dogs. Often you will come to at least a few of these walks too.

Pet Sitting

I offer one-on-one attention and care for your pets in your home while you are out of town for business or holiday. This provides security and peace of mind not only for your animals, but also for you while you are away.

Drop in Visits

Not suitable for dogs, but sometimes you only need someone to drop by and feed your small pets while you are away. Cats, rabbits, birds, hamsters etc. all benefit from not being disturbed from their home environment.

Puppy Day Care

Puppies need a lot of attention and constant supervision when they young, otherwise they can get into all sorts of mischief. As well as constant care, your puppy will also taught correct behaviour, boundaries and basic obedience training

The Blog

Clicker Training

Clicker Training is all about shaping your dog's behaviour. The purpose of the click is you can use it for a more accurate timed 'snapshot'. Imagine the click as a camera shutter, what you want to do is click the second your dog performs the desired behaviour. It's just a quicker way of saying 'good boy' or 'well done' the dog quickly learn to recognise that the click means they have done the right thing and to try something different if the click is not forthcoming.

Dangerous foods

Raisins are killers, if you read the internet. We recently had a big scare, Keiko our American Akita got hold of my daughters raisin packs we had left out to take to scouts. First thing I did was declare it a medical emergency and called the vets. A panicky phone call explaiining from me followed by a promise of a return call from a veterinary professional. Meanwhile I googled-big mistake. "as little as one raisin can cause renal failure" some website where more specific giving a 'toxicity dose calculator' .......