Why is walkme.dog unique?

Well first of all, our one to one walks are tailored especially for your dog.

What does that mean?

We take into account your dog's needs, their age, their breed, their fitness levels, their weight, their likes and dislikes to make their walk both exciting and fun.

Tailored dog walks are not unique!

Well true, it is only one aspect of the service provided. What we believe is unique is live tracking and daily reports that show exactly when, where and how far your dog has walked. This is then combined with any goals you want to set. Does your dog need to lose some weight? Does your dog enjoy swimming in the sea? Combined with your own walks are they getting too much or too little exercise?

How does the Live Tracking work?

The live tracking provides real time gps tracking of our location. At the beginning of the walking area (Live track is only activated when we reach our walking place to protect the privacy of other doggy families during group walks) a gps device will be activated and a link sent by text message that invites you to view the activity. You will see a map of our current location and can enviously imagine us walking along a golden sandy beach or sun speckled forest while you are at work (sorry about that). On dog days out you can follow our trail as we travel up the wood at Maspie Den, then climb East Lomond. It just gives peace of mind your dog is being exercised the right amount and you can tailor you own walks accordingly.

What if my dog has some issues?

Most dogs have some kind of issues, it may be eating things they shouldn't outdoors, being anti social, barking, jumping up, pulling on the lead. Tracy has vast experience of working with dogs and uses positive re-enforcement methods to train out any negative behaviours. Depending on the severity of the issue it may be a quick fix or something that requires training the owner rather than the dog.