What to Bring


In the first couple of lessons all the work you do with your dog will be on a lead. a 6ft- 8ft training lead with a flat or rolled collar is ideal but if you only have an extending lead this will be fine too- but please ensure your dog is wearing a harness and the extending lead can easily be locked at a reasonable length.


We won't be doing much running in the first few lessons but it is important during exercise to stay hydrated, depending on the treats you use they make make your dog extra thirsty too, so plenty of water for you both.


Treats, and I mean treats your dog LOVES, not just their normal food, hot dog, sausages, chicken breast, liver treats are all good, cut up very small. you will need lots of treats. If your dog is not food motivated then bring a tug toy, or ball


To put your dog's water in.

Weather Appropriate Clothing

Weather appropriate clothing (for you- your dog can come naked but must a collar/harness(tagged) and lead) the classes will run come rain or shine, we all have dogs so a little bit of Scottish weather won't put us off. The only consession to this, is if it's extremely windy and flying equipment could be dangerous.


Please don't forget your dog!