Go Walk Leven ~ Letham Glen

Letham Glen is a reatively small walk at around 2km but it is a very pretty walk with plenty of amenities. Enter the glen via archway on the roundabout. You can take the car, over the bridge on the right to find an ample free car park. Toilets (for humans) are situated at the main gate, and it's worth taking a look at the former outdoor swimming pool that has now been coverted into a formal sunken garden. Follow the main path past the childrens playpark and craft center. There is a fairly neglected pond on the left hand side, seems a shame as the rest of the area is very well maintained. The main path through the woodland walk is fairly level, wide and even, though it does get a little hill and narrower on the return side of the burn.

Bins are plentiful, so no having to worry about carrying poo bags for miles. There are plenty of benches too if you wish to relax and enjoy the birdsong and babbling burn.

A stone doocot, arched stone bridges and rock formations provide some interest on this walk. Usual wildlife dangers to bear in mind, but we actually didn't spot any on our visit. Away from roads so a fairly safe off lead location. Steep parts have guards in place so no worries about falling down a steep slope.

Time : 30 mins

Distance : 2 km

Rating : 9/10

Hazards : normal wildlife considerations.

So in conclusion ...


Lovely walk, only downside is it finishes all too quickly. Definately worth a visit.

Lade Braes

The Lade Braes is a lovely tree lined walk from the town center to the west side of St Andrews. You can actually walk mostly off road pathways all the way from the East Sands to Craigtoun Park but for the purpose of this article we will concentrate on the Lade Braes themselves, this runs from Lade Braes Lane at Madras College to Little Carron on Hepburn Gardens. Teaming with wildlife and a spectacular display of flowers in the spring and summer months, it really is a beautiful walk along the Kinness burn

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