Currently there are no classes running. Provost vets ! Rio Dog Training are some local alternatives.

Why Puppy Classes?

Puppy classes are a great way for new puppy owners to set out the foundations for the next 10-15 years of their dog's lifespan. Many dogs don't have initial training when they are young, this can lead to later problems such as barking, lunging at other dogs or people, having no manners at home, stealing food, jumping up ....the list goes on. The best way to address these problems is to learn to recognise the reasons behind them and stop them before they start.

What age are the classes for?

Puppy classes can start as soon as your puppy has completed their vaccinations (or earlier if your vet approves and can provide a note to say they are in good health). Puppies up to 18 weeks can join on week 1, the reason for age restriction is puppies have a very narrow window of opportunity for both human and canine socialisation. It is vital the foundation work is set in place in the early days.

My puppy is only 8 weeks, can we still come?


Yes, you can - if you have a letter from your veterinarian saying they are in good health and you know the risks involved. Having a well balanced puppy is a balancing act, the socialisation period is so, so important, but it's also important to keep your puppy free from disease. The chances of catching any of the common puppyhood diseases are low but they can be fatal. The chances of missing vital socialisation can also be fatal if your puppy one day bites a child or ends up in a shelter.

My puppy is very small or large, can we still come?


Yes you can, the point of puppy classes is for puppies to mix and experience other pups of all shapes and sizes.

How much are the classes?


Puppy classes will run for a 6 week block, payable in advance, £60 per puppy.

Do I have to come to every class?


The short answer is yes, puppy classes have a set curriculum with a different topic covered each week. However life can sometimes get in the way of all the best plans, so time will be set aside for a quick catch up if you do miss a class.

Can my children come too?


Absolutely! It is best if the whole family comes along, it keeps things consistant for your puppy if all members of the family are training in the same way. Puppies should all experience meeting people of all ages, high pitch squeals of excitement and children being unpredictable are all great tools to teach a puppy how to handle various situations.

My pup is 12 weeks now and I missed the first two classes, can I come?


Sorry no, the class numbers are limited and run for 6 weeks, you can join in the next 6 week block.

What will we learn?


Each week we will cover some aspects of the following : Training, Socialisation, Health, Tools and Enrichment. For example, the week one curriculum is as follows:-

  • Tools-

    Essential Puppy Equipment.
  • Health-

    Recognition of basic health problems, Health protection for the puppy.
  • Enrichment-

    Why we use enrichment. Snuffle matts- how to make them, when to replace them.
  • Training-

    ABC's. Using a marker/clicker. Shaping a simple behaviour.
  • Socialisation-

    Fear Impact Periods. Protecting confidence.

Puppy Daycare

Bringing home a new puppy is so exciting! The trouble is, this can also lead to torn shoes, random potty stains and other bad habits! During their early months, good habits have to be learned. Your puppy needs consistency, routine and attention. Not to worry! As dedicated and trained sitter I will customize a feeding, exercise and training schedule just for your pup. This is suitable for pups up to 8 months old. Owners will get a daily report of progress, and a weekly training report.

Training Articles

The links below lead to the training pages. these pages are designed to help you train your dog based on positive reinforcement and clicker training